The Firekorf

    Fire pit This very compact and portable fire pit creates a cozy and warm atmosphere. This folding fire pit is very practical and can be put in a carrier bag...


    €75,00 €65,00
    Perfect grill This large grill is perfect to take with you on your hiking or camping trip. Compact design This rollable grill consists of three parts. The compact design allows...

    Roasting Spit Set

    Roasting experience You can take this compact and portable Roasting Spit with you everywhere you go. It creates a real bushcraft experience! You can use the Roasting Spit in combination...

    Firekorf Top Mesh

    €20,00 €15,00
    Safe fire The Top Mesh allows you to create a safe campfire with the Firekorf. By attaching the Top Mesh to the Firekorf, you avoid sparks spattering out of the...

    Firekorf Firebag

    €25,00 €20,00
    Firebag The Firebag hangs in the frame of the Firekorf, which creates a unique fire experience. The Firebag is made of stainless steel wire mesh (304 stainless steel). Even this...

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